Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Paris Jackson Transferred to Hospital Where Michael Jackson Died

Paris Jackson's rough week got rougher on Saturday, when she was transferred to UCLA Medical Center, the same place where her father Michael Jackson was pronounced dead in 2009. 

It was the third location where the troubled teen received treatment, after she was shuttled to the hospital nearest to her Calabasas home in an ambulance following a suicide attempt and then subsequently taken to a pediatric hospital.

The sad irony of her location concerns those closest to her. "She is so stressed out, by school and the ongoing lawsuit that keeps the horrible way her father died fresh in her mind," a close family friend tells The Daily Beast. "It’s coming up on another year where Michael is gone and as she gets older, I thinks she misses him more and regrets never having the chance to ask him questions that only he could answer."

The 15-year-old, meanwhile, has a lot of support from producers of her film Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys. The filmmakers vow to keep Paris on the project as long as she wants, despite the extra insurance they'll have to buy as the result of her suicide attempt. A source connected with the animated flick tells TMZ, "There's a policy that we will have to buy now that we would not have had to buy prior to the incident." The source continues, "we're prepared to pay a large amount of money for the policy. Fortunately, we have a big budget."

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