Friday, 7 June 2013

Neymar i hope to leave my mark at Barcelona

Barcelona new signing Neymar Jr has promise to leave his marks in barcelona, According to his club official website,read the full interview after the cut >>>
 Did you imagine that nearly 60,000 people would attend your presentation as an FC Barcelona player?“No, it was much better than I expected. It was truly emotional for me. It made me very, very, very happy.”

I suppose these last couple of days have been exciting for you. First, why did you leave Santos ... Did you feel as though you needed a new challenge?

“It was the moment to leave. It was the moment to find new things. Being a Barça player means that I’ve realised my dream.”

A couple of days ago you said that Dani Alves encouraged you to come to Barcelona. What did Dani tell you exactly?

“Dani has always had good things to say about Barcelona. He speaks well of the city, but especially the group, the team. This team is marvelous. Great players play here, they are good friends, and that’s important for a team. Dani told me that this is what I’d find in Barcelona. He encouraged me to come. Adriano also spoke to me about Barça, and he also encouraged me. And now I’m here.”

On Monday you met with Adriano. What did he tell you?

“He welcomed me to the Club and he wished me luck. Adriano is a great person. We have a fantastic relationship, and now I get to be in the same team as my friend.”

During the press conference you talked about Ronaldinho. You said your first memory of Barça was when he played for the team. What kind of things do you remember about Ronnie’s time at Barça?

“Well, I remember his plays, his dribbles. I remember him winning every title at the Camp Nou.”

Can we compare you to him, in terms of how you both play? For the fans who haven’t seen you play, is it fair to say that your style is similar to Ronaldinho’s?

“No, no one can compare to Ronaldinho. He made history at Barça, he made history with Brazil, and he’s still making history. In my case, I’m starting to make history, and I hope to leave my mark at Barça.”

Barça and Santos faced off in the final of the Club World Cup in 2011. You said that you learned how to play football on that day. What impressed you about Barça in that final?

“What impressed me the most was the simplicity of Barça’s football. The fact that it was directed towards achieving and objective and at the same time it was very adaptable. The simplicity with which Barça were able to impose themselves in each game was really sensational. Barça left everyone with open mouths, not just Barça fans, but the press and the Santos players, too.”

You’ve talked a lot about Messi these last couple of days, you’ve said how excited you are to play with him. What about Messi’s style of play do you like the most?

“ Messi is a hero for me. He always has been, and he will continue to be. I have the opportunity to play at his side. I’m sure it will be a marvelous experience. I’m very happy to help him continue being happy.”

You also talked about Xavi and Iniesta. Do you like their play style?

“Yes, a lot. Both Xavi and Iniesta are two great players who I have always admired. I’m a fan of both of them.”

What will the fans see when Neymar plays at the Camp Nou?

“They will see a happy Neymar, daring and eager to win each and every game.”

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